Shaun Copland
Shaun Copland

BXU Man Aquathlon

Event : BXU Man Aquathlon

I completed the BXU Man Aquathlon on Saturday Nov 4th in Philippines.

This was my first ever Aquathlon and first time ever running straight after swimming. I did this event as nothing but training under race conditions ahead of my upcoming IronMan on Sunday in Puerto Princesa.

I also wanted to test my calfs as they’ve been cramping lately.

So, this was a 750m sea swim and luckily it was fairly calm and a simple two loop course, the downside was it was a short loop, so always congested.

Out of the swim and on to transition on the beach. What a pain trying to clear sand from feet before putting on socks and shoes. Then, it was on to the run. 3km out with a steep climb at the turnaround and 3km back.

All was going really well, but at 4km on the run, my left calf became very tight, so just held pace instead of speeding up. I had to be sensible with IM coming up.

The temperature was 32°C no wind, no shade and very sunny. All swims here in Philippines are non wetsuit as 28-29°C water temps.

I finished in 4th place overall with a time of 47:39, I was happy with this, the first 3 were all locals used to the conditions and in their early 20’s.. I’m 44, so not bad at all.

Published on 8th November 2023

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