OWS Volunteer Rota 2023/2024

We could not run our sessions without volunteers to sit at the desk, take cards, sort out the bands and be a lovely welcoming face.

Would you like to swim for free?

For the WINTER 2023/2024 swims which are held between 11:00 – 12:00 (in the water times) and commencing Saturday 7th October 2023 we need:

SWIM MANAGER for the duration of the whole session – Saturday 10.30-12.20.

… and …

ONE HELPER, required – Saturday 10:45 -12:00 (to assist with check in and act as shoreside spotter for the swimmers).

For each summer session we need a:

SWIM MANAGER for the duration of the whole session (Wednesday 5.30 – 8.30, and Saturday 7.30-10.30)

… and …

TWO HELPERS, required for half a session each (Wednesday 5.45-7.00 & 7.00-8.15, Saturday 7.45-9.00 & 9.00-10.15).

You will be rewarded with a FREE SWIM and the opportunity to gossip with everyone who has to cross your path.

2023 Rota

To volunteer for a session, just click on one of the ‘volunteer’ buttons below on the date and role of your choice.

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