Age Group Hall of Fame

Representing one’s country at an International event is a great honour for any sportsman or sportswomen.

Several members of Tri-Anglia have accomplished their ambitions of representing their country at International events.  On this page we recognise the trials and tribulations of racing against the the best international competitors in your age-group across the world. To be in with the chance of racing for your country in your age-group you need to reach the qualifying standard set out on the British Triathlon Website (and be a member of your National Foundation). This standard is generally achieved by finishing within the top four at a selected event or by placing within the top 3 from your nation at a previous international championships. Please see the British Triathlon Website for more details.

Date NameNatCategoryEventCat PosLocation
1 May 20242024Alistair ClipshamGBRM45-49ETU Middle Distance DuathlonN/AAlsdorf, Germany
1 Jun 20232023Alistair ClipshamGBRM45-49ITU Long Distance TriathlonN/AIbiza, Spain
22 Jun 20222022David CooperGBRM65-69ITU Sprint Triathlon41/52Montreal, Canada
13 Aug 20222022Deborah LloydGBRF60-64ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon2/24Munich, Germany
13 Aug 20222022Anne FishGBRF70-74ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon2/6Munich, Germany
13 Aug 20222022Grayhame FishGBRM70-74ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon22/37Munich, Germany
18 Aug 20222022Shaun CrowleyGBRM60-64ITU Long Distance Triathlon11/13Samorin Slovakia
3 Sept 20222022Alistair ClipshamGBRM45-49ITU Long Distance DuathlonWithdrewZofingen, Switzerland
24 Sept 20222022Shaun CrowleyGBRM60-64ETU Middle Distance TriathlonWithdrewBilbao, Spain
24 Sept 20222022Deborah LloydGBRF60-64ETU Middle Distance TriathlonWithdrewBilbao, Spain
17 Sept 20222022Phil HurrGBRM65-69ETU Sprint Distance DuathlonWithdrewBilbao, Spain
24 Sept 20222022Anne FishGBRF70-74ETU Middle Distance AquabikeDidn't make bike cut offBilbao, Spain
24 Sept 20222022Grayhame FishGBRM70-74ETU Middle Distance Aquabike3/5Bilbao, Spain
18 Sept 20222022Darren WoodwardGBRM50-54ETU Standard Distance DuathlonWithdrewBilbao, Spain
24 Nov 20222022Deborah LloydGBRF60-64ITU Standard Distance Triathlon2/19Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
24 Nov 20222022Phil HurrGBRM65-69ITU Standard Distance TriathlonWithdrewAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
29 May 20222022Deborah LloydGBRF60-64ETU Standard Triathlon1/12Olsztyn, Poland
26 Jun 20212021Deborah LloydGBRF60-64ETU Standard Triathlon2/11Valencia, Spain
25 Jun 20212021Anne FishGBRF70-74ETU Sprint Triathlon2/5Valencia, Spain
25 Jun 20212021Grayhame FishGBRM70-74ETU Sprint Triathlon7/9Valencia, Spain
10 Apr 20212021Alistair ClipshamGBRM45-49ETU Middle Distance Duathlon13/21Alsdorf, Germany
8 Mar 20202020Luke LyndsGBRMU20ETU Standard Distance Duathlon Championships1/1Punta Umbria, Spain
7 Mar 20202020David GilbertGBRM75-79ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon Championships3/6Punta Umbria, Spain
31 Aug 20192019Philip BrockingtonGBRM45-49ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships49/136Lausanne, Switzerland
31 Aug 20192019Mathew WebGBRM20-24ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships (sadly punctured)DNFLausanne, Switzerland
1 Sept 20192019Roland ShawGBRM60-64ITU World Standard Triathlon Championships 49/74Lausanne, Switzerland
31 Aug 20192019Peter MackeithAUSM30-34ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships77/103Lausanne, Switzerland
1 Sept 20192019Peter MackeithAUSM30-34ITU World Standard Triathlon Championships90/116Lausanne, Switzerland
1 Sept 20192019Tony WenlockGBRM65-69ITU World Standard Triathlon Championships47/50Lausanne, Switzerland
28 Jul 20192019Anne FishGBRF70-74ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon1/1/Kazan, Russia
28 Jul 20192019Grayhame FishGBRM70-74ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon3/11Kazan, Russia
6 Jul 20192019Roland ShawGBRM60-64ETU Middle Distance Triathlon3/11Targu Mures, Romania
6 Jul 20192019Shaun CrowleyGBRM55-59ETU Middle Distance Triathlon14/16Targu Mures, Romania
30 Jun 20192019David GilbertGBRM75-79ETU Sprint Duathlon2/4Targu Mures, Romania
4 Jul 20192019Nicole BeckGBRF25-29ETU Cross Triathlon4/6Targu Mures, Romania
2 Jul 20192019Nicole BeckGBRF25-29ETU Cross Duathlon2/2Targu Mures, Romania
2 Jul 20192019Karle HowardGBRM45-49ETU Cross Duathlon10/13Targu Mures, Romania
1 Jun 20192019Rowland ShawGBRM60-64ETU Standard Distance Triathlon21/40Weert, Holland
1 Jun 20192019Anne FishGBRF70-74ETU Standard Distance Triathlon4/4Weert, Holland
1 Jun 20192019Grayhame FishGBRM70-74ETU Standard Distance Triathlon16/22Weert, Holland
27 Apr 20192019Penny EdwardsGBRF65-69ITU Standard Distance Duathlon2/5Pondevedra, Spain
28 Apr 20192019Iain DawsonGBRPTVI CategoryITU Aquathlon (Guided by Matt Floyd)2/2Pondevadra, Sprin
27 Apr 20192019David GilbertGBRM75-79ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon7/10Pondevedra, Spain
2 May 20192019Mathew WebbGBRM20-25ITU Aquathlon37/57Pondevedra, Spain
4 May 20192019Shaun RowleyGBRM55-59ITU Long Distance Triathlon43/59Pondevedra, Sprin
4 May 20192019Nathan RisbeyGBRM35-39ITU Long Distance Triathlon2/88Pondevedra, Spain
13 Sept 20182018Anne FishGBRF70-74ITU Sprint Distance Champs6 / 14Gold Coast, Australia
13 Sept 20182018Grayhame FishGBRM65-69ITU Sprint Distance Champs47/59Gold Coast, Australia
18 Sept 20182018Graham BaingerGBRM65-69ITU Standard Distance Champs52 / 56Gold Coast, Australia
13 Sept 20182018Mathew WebbGBRM20-24ITU Sprint Distance Champs37/57Gold Coast, Australia
2 Sept 20182018Jamie RobertsGBRM35-392018 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships7/11Switzerland
10-12 Aug 20182018Mathew WebbGBRM20-24ETU Sprint Distance European Triathlon Championships21/34Glasgow
10-12 Aug 20182018Anne FishGBRF70-75ETU Sprint Distance European Triathlon Championships4 / 6Glasgow
19-21 Jul 20182018Grayhame FishGBRM65-69ETU Standard Distance European Triathlon Championships15/15Tartu
19-21 Jul 20182018Graham BaingerGBRM65-69ETU Standard Distance European Triathlon Championships14/15Tartu
19-21 Juy 20182018Anne FishGBRF70-74ETU Standard Distance European Triathlon Championships2 / 3Tartu
12 Jul 20182018Matthew WebbGBRM20-24ITU World Aquathlon Championships5/8Denmark
27 Oct 20182018Shaun CrowleyGBRM55-59ETU Middle Distance Triathlon27/31Ibiza
27 Oct 20182018Karle HowardGBRM45-49ETU Cross Duathlon14/15Ibiza
1 Jul 20182018Tim TopperGBRM45-49ITU World Duathlon5/45Fyn, Denmark
17 Sept 20172017Becky SchofieldGBRF35-39ITU World Standard Triathlon8 / 79Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Iain RobertsonGBRM40-44ITU World Standard Triathlon11 / 125Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Stephen BeckGBRM55-59ITU World Standard Triathlon12 / 114Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Anne FishGBRF65-69ITU World Standard Triathlon19 / 28Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Danny BeckGBRM18-19ITU World Standard Triathlon24 / 27Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Nicole BeckGBRF20-24ITU World Standard Triathlon25 / 47Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Roland ShawGBRM60-64ITU World Standard Triathlon31 / 80Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Graham BaingerGBRM65-69ITU World Standard Triathlon34 / 57Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Grayhame FishGBRM65-69ITU World Standard Triathlon44 / 57Rotterdam
17 Sept 20172017Jenny MayneIRLF55-59ITU World Sprint Triathlon34 / 53Rotterdam
24 Jun 20172017Anne FishGBRF65-69European Sprint Triathlon9 / 10Dusseldorf, Germany
24 Jun 20172017Grayhame FishGBRM65-69European Sprint Triathlon17 / 29Dusseldorf, Germany
24 Jun 20172017Stephen WilsonGBRM25-29European Sprint Triathlon16 / 37Dusseldorf, Germany
18 Jun 20172017Tony WenlockGBRM60-64European Standard39Kitzbuhel, Austria
18 Sept 20162016Anne FishGBRF65-69World Standard Distance11Cozumel, Mexico
18 Sept 20162016Grayhame FishGBRM65-69World Standard Distance15Cozumel, Mexico
4 Sept 20162016Kim MorrisonGBRFPROEuropean Middle9Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016James ChapmanGBRMU25European Middle29Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016Allison CarterGBRF45-49European Middle6Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016Jane HannahGBRF35-39European Middle37Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016Thomas LevyGBRM25-29European Middle84Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016Michael StolleryGBRM60-64European Middle27Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016Mary SkelcherGBRF50-54European Middle32Walchsee Kaiserwinkl Austria
4 Sept 20162016Ian HaconGBRM45-49ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon23/23Zofingen, Switzerland
8 May 20162016Ian HaconGBRM45-49ETU Long Distance Duathlon34/36Copenhagan, Denmark
20 Sept 20152015Anne FishGBRF65-69World Standard Triathlon9Chicago, USA
20 Sept 20152015Grayhame FishGBRM65-69World Standard Triathlon38Chicago, USA
20 Sept 20152015Nicole BeckGBRF20-24World Standard Triathlon46Chicago, USA
17 Sept 20152015Jake PyeGBRM25-29World Sprint Triathlon30Chicago, USA
17 Sept 20152015Danny BeckGBRM16-19World Sprint Triathlon67Chicago, USA
13 Sept 20152015Roland ShawGBRM55-59European Long Distance3Weymouth, UK
13 Sept 20152015Mike StolleryGBRM60-64European Long Distance2Weymouth, UK
13 Sept 20152015Mary SkelcherGBRF45-49European Long Distance8Weymouth, UK
13 Sept 20152015Lynn EmmettGBRF45-49European Long Distance6Weymouth, UK
13 Sept 20152015Ian HaconGBRM45-49European Long Distance29Weymouth, UK
12 Jul 20152015Alfie ChapmanGBRM20-24European Triathlon Standard26Geneva, Switzerland
10 Jul 20152015Jane BlackwellGBRF55-59European Triathlon Sprint18Geneva, Switzerland
10 Jul 20152015Nathan RisbeyGBRM30-34European Triathlon Sprint19Geneva, Switzerland
10 Jul 20152015Anne FishGBRF65-69European Triathlon Sprint5Geneva, Switzerland
10 Jul 20152015Grayhame FishGBRM65-69European Triathlon Sprint19Geneva, Switzerland
27 Jun 20152015Joe SkipperGBREliteWorld Long Distance Champs3Motala, Sweden
10 May 20152015Simon BrierleySEYEliteATU Triathlon Championships12Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
8 May 20152015Simon BrierleySEYEliteATU Duathlon Championships2Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
26 Apr 20152015David GilbertGBRM70-74European Duathlon1Madrid, Spain
18 Oct 20142014Roland ShawGBRM55-59ETU Middle Distance6Mallorca, Spain
22 Jun 20142014Iain RobertsonGBRM35-39European Standard Triathlon1Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Kim MorrisonGBRF25-29European Standard Triathlon1Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Matt EllisGBRM35-39European Standard Triathlon4Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Becky SchofieldGBRF30-34European Standard Triathlon4Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Alfie ChapmanGBRM20-24European Standard Triathlon20Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Nathan RisbeyGBRM30-34European Standard Triathlon22Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Graham BaingerGBRM60-64European Standard Triathlon30Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Rebecca HorneGBRF40-44European Standard Triathlon33Kitzbuhel, Austria
22 Jun 20142014Peter ChapmanGBRM55-59European Standard Triathlon37Kitzbuhel, Austria
21 Jun 20142014Iain DawsonGBRPT5European Paratriathlon6Kitzbuhel, Austria
20 Jun 20142014Anne FishGBRF65-69European Sprint Triathlon2Kitzbuhel, Austria
20 Jun 20142014Kate ScotterGBRF30-34European Sprint Triathlon4Kitzbuhel, Austria
20 Jun 20142014Grayhame FishGBRM65-69European Sprint Triathlon17Kitzbuhel, Austria
1 Jun 20142014Penny EdwardsGBRF60-64World Standard Duathlon1Pontevedra, Spain
1 Jun 20142014Piers ArnoldGBRM25-29World Sprint Duathlon6Pontevedra, Spain
1 Jun 20142014David GilbertGBRM70-74World Sprint Duathlon8Pontevedra, Spain
1 Jun 20142014Rob ThorntonGBRM30-34World Sprint Duathlon18Pontevedra, Spain
1 Jun 20142014Adrian BallGBRM30-34World Sprint Duathlon16Pontevedra, Spain
13 Apr 20142014Joe SkipperGBREliteEuropean Long Dist Duathlon12Horst, Holland
13 Apr 20142014Lynn EmmettGBRW45-49European Long Dist Duathlon4Horst, Holland
13 Apr 20142014Nathan RisbeyGBRM30-34European Sprint Duathlon?Horst, Holland
13 Apr 20142014Rob ThorntonGBRM30-34European Sprint Duathlon?Horst, Holland
13 Apr 20142014Adrian BallGBRM30-34European Sprint Duathlon?Horst, Holland
16 Feb 20142014Matt SpillmanGBRM45-49World Winter Triathlon11Italy
? Oct 20132013Sean WatsonGBRM U19World Biathle Championships?Cyprus
15 Sep 20132013Matt EllisGBRM35-39World Triathlon - Standard1stHyde Park, London
15 Sep 20132013Iain RobertsonGBRM35-39World Triathlon - Standard3rdHyde Park, London
15 Sep 20132013Toby MorrellGBRM30-34World Triathlon - Standard42ndHyde Park, London
15 Sep 20132013Alan WiltonGBRM60-64World Triathlon - Standard42ndHyde Park, London
15 Sep 20132013Marion WalkerGBRF55-59World Triathlon - Standard49thHyde Park, London
15 Sep 20132013Alfie ChapmanGBRM20-24World Triathlon - Standard56thHyde Park, London
15 Sep 20132013Ken MathewsIREM60-64World Triathlon - Standard71stHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Anne FishGBRF65-69World Triathlon - Sprint6thHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Becky SchofieldGBRF30-34World Triathlon - Sprint8thHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Kate ScotterGBRF30-34World Triathlon - Sprint16thHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013David LedwardGBRM45-49World Triathlon - Sprint22nd Hyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Kelly DavisNZLF30-34World Triathlon - Sprint33rdHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Tony RobinsonGBRM30-34World Triathlon - Sprint33rdHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Suzanne OrrIREF40-44World Triathlon - Sprint57thHyde Park, London
13 Sep 20132013Iain DawsonGBRPara T6bWorld Paratriathlon - Sprint3rdHyde Park, London
11 Sep 20132013Eve DewsnapGBRF35-39World Aquathlon12thHyde Park, London
11 Sep 20132013Claire MartinGBRF35-39World Aquathlon19thHyde Park, London
10 Aug 20132013Angus WilkinsonGBRM35-39World Duathlon7thOttawa, Canada
21 Jul 20132013Sean WatsonGBRM U19European Biathle Championships1stSetubal, Portugal
14 Jun 20132013Alfie ChapmanGBRM20-24European Triathlon - Olympic5thAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Becky SchofieldGBRF30-34European Triathlon - Sprint1stAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Kate ScotterGBRF30-34European Triathlon - Sprint11thAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Tony RobinsonGBRM30-34European Triathlon - Sprint10thAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Gav BarronGBRM30-34European Triathlon - Sprint14thAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Claire MartinGBRF35-39European Triathlon - Sprint10thAlanya, Turkey
14 Jun 20132013Eve DewsnapGBRF35-39European Triathlon - Olympic11thAlanya, Turkey
14 Jun 20132013Andrew SkiggsGBRM35-39European Triathlon - Olympic20thAlanya, Turkey
14 Jun 20132013Roland ShawGBRM55-59European Triathlon - Olympic10thAlanya, Turkey
14 Jun 20132013Peter ChapmanGBRM55-59European Triathlon - Olympic18thAlanya, Turkey
14 Jun 20132013Graham BaingerGBRM60-64European Triathlon - Olympic8thAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Grayhame FishGBRM60-64European Triathlon - Sprint15thAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Anne FishGBRF60-64European Triathlon - Sprint2ndAlanya, Turkey
15 Jun 20132013Iain DawsonGBRTri-6European Triathlon - Sprint2ndAlanya, Turkey
1 Jun 20132013Mary SkelcherGBRF45-49World Long Distance Tri26thBelfort, France
1 Jun 20132013Mike StolleryGBRM60-64World Long Distance Tri13thBelfort, France
20 Oct 20122012Iain DawsonGBRTri-6World Triathlon1stAuckland, New Zealand
20 Oct 20122012Kate ScotterGBRFE (25-29)World Triathlon22ndAuckland, New Zealand
20 Oct 20122012Graham BaingerGBRML (60-64)World Triathlon36Auckland, New Zealand
20 Oct 20122012Becky HorneGBRFH (40-44)World Triathlon41stAuckland, New Zealand
18 Oct 20122012Iain DawsonGBRTri-6World Aquathlon1stAuckland, New Zealand
17 Oct 20122012Graham BaingerGBRML (60-64)World Aquathlon14thAuckland, New Zealand
23 Sep 20122012Iain RobertsonGBRMG (35-39)World Duathlon4thNancy, France
23 Sep 20122012Marion WalkerGBRFK (55-59)World Duathlon6thNancy, France
23 Sep 20122012Alfie ChapmanGBRMD (20-24)World Duathlon23rdNancy, France
23 Sep 20122012Dave GilbertGBRMM (65-69)World Duathlon24thNancy, France
23 Sep 20122012Chris ArnoldGBRMK (55-59)World Duathlon38thNancy, France
22 Sep 20122012Iain DawsonGBRParaDuWorld Paraduathlon3rdNancy, France
20 Jul 20122012Mary SkelcherGBRFI (45-49)World Long Distance22ndVitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
29 Jul 20122012Mike StolleryGBRML (60-64)World Long Distance12thVitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
1 Apr 20122012Iain DawsonGBRParaTriEuropean Triathlon1stEilat, Israel
1 Apr 20122012Claire MartinGBRFG (35-39)European Triathlon2ndEilat, Israel
1 Apr 20122012Becky SchofieldGBRFF (30-34)European Triathlon3rdEilat, Israel
1 Apr 20122012Tony RobinsonGBRMF (30-34)European Triathlon4thEilat, Israel
1 Apr 20122012Roland ShawGBRMK (55-59)European Triathlon9thEilat, Israel
1 Nov 20112011Mike StolleryGBRMK (55-59)World Long Distance Triathlon29thNevada, USA
1 Nov 20112011Mary SkelcherGBRFI (45-49)World Long Distance Triathlon39thNevada, USA
1 Sep 20112011Toby MorrellGBRMF (30-34)World Age Group Triathlon Championships (Standard)26thBeijing
1 Sep 20112011Chris BeckGBRMF (30-34)World Age Group Triathlon Championships (Sprint)13thBeijing
1 Sep 20112011Iain RobertsonGBRMG (35-39)World Age Group Triathlon Championships (Standard)20thBeijing
1 Sep 20112011Iain DawsonGBR World Paratriathlon Championships Beijing
1 Sep 20112011Penny EdwardsGBRFK (55-59)World Age Group Duathlon Championships3rdSpain
1 Sep 20112011Lynn EmmettGBRFH (40-44)World Age Group Duathlon Championships14thSpain
1 Sep 20112011Glen NelsonGBRMK (55-59)World Age Group Duathlon Championships18thSpain
1 Sep 20112011Roland ShawGBRMK (55-59)World Age Group Duathlon Championships20thSpain
1 Jun 20112011Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)European Age Group Triathlon Championships2ndPontevedra, Spain
1 Jun 20112011Anne FishGBRFL (60-64)European Age Group Triathlon Championships2ndPontevedra, Spain
1 Jun 20112011Grayhame FishGBRML (60-64)European Age Group Triathlon Championships11thPontevedra, Spain
1 Apr 20112011Roland ShawGBRMK (55-59)European Duathlon7thLimerick, Ireland
1 Apr 20112011Andrew GoodchildGBRMI (45-49)European Duathlon13thLimerick, Ireland
1 Sep 20102010Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)World Long Distance Triathlon Immenstadt, Germany
1 Sep 20102010Anne FishGBRFWorld Sprint Triathlon Budapest, Hungary
1 Sep 20102010Oliver MilkGBRMF (30-34)World Sprint Triathlon Budapest, Hungary
1 Sep 20102010Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)World Triathlon Budapest, Hungary
1 Sep 20102010Lynn EmmettGBRFH (40-44)World Duathlon30thEdinburgh
1 Jul 20102010Oliver MilkGBRMF (30-34)European Olympic Triathlon Athlone, Ireland
1 Jul 20102010Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)European Olympic Triathlon Athlone, Ireland
1 Jul 20102010Ken MatthewsIRL(55-59)European Olympic Triathlon Athlone, Ireland
1 Jul 20102010Lynn EmmettGBRFH (40-44)European Olympic Triathlon11thAthlone, Ireland
1 May 20102010Lynn EmmettGBRFH (40-44)European Duathlon7thNancy, France
1 Mar 20102010Matt SpillmanGBRMI (45-49)Winter Tri World Championships5th 
1 Sep 20092009Andrew AtthoweGBRME (25-29)World long Distance Triathlon Championships42ndPerth, Australia
1 Sep 20092009Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)World AquathlonChampionships13th /48Goldcoast, Australia
1 Sep 20092009Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)World Triathlon Championships24th /112Goldcoast, Australia
1 Jul 20092009Matt EllisGBRMF (30-34)European Triathlon (ETU)5thHolten Netherhlands
1 Aug 20092009Iain DawsonGBRMGITU W.Championships, Invitational Paratriathlon2ndHyde Park, London
1 Jul 19052009Penny EdwardsGBRFWorld DuathlonChampionships1stUSA
1 Feb 20092009Matt SpillmanGBRMH (40-44)Winter Triathlon World Championships56thGaishorn Am See, Austria
30 Jun 19052008Penny EdwardsGBRFJ (50-54)World Long Distance Triathlon Championships10thAlmere, Netherlands
30 Jun 19052008Russell ClarkeGBRMJ (50-54)World Long Distance Triathlon Championships25thAlmere, Netherlands
30 Jun 19052008Lynn EmmettGBRFH (40-44)World DuathlonChampionships21stRimini, Italy
30 Jun 19052008Penny EdwardsGBRFWorld DuathlonChampionships3rdRimini, Italy
30 Jun 19052008Penny EdwardsGBRFEuropean DuathlonChampionships  
30 Jun 19052008Lee CaulderonGBRMEuropean DuathlonChampionships  
30 Jun 19052008Grayhamme FishGBRMK (55-59)Age Group World Championships10thVancouver, Canada
30 Jun 19052008Anne FishGBRFL (60-64)Age Group World Championships21stVancouver, Canada
29 Jun 19052007Matt SpillmanGBRMH (40-44)World Standard Distance Triathlon Championships Hamburg
29 Jun 19052007David LedwardGBRMH (40-44)World Standard Distance Triathlon Championships Hamburg
29 Jun 19052007Penny EdwardsGBRFJ (50-54)World Standard Distance Triathlon Championships Hamburg
29 Jun 19052007Penny EdwardsGBRFJ (50-54)European DuathlonChampionships2ndEdinburgh, Scotland
26 Jun 19052004Matt SpillmanGBRMG (35-39)Olympic Distance Madiera
26 Jun 19052004Simon EdyeGBRMJ (50-54)World Triathlon Championships Madiera
26 Jun 19052004Heather HollisterGBRFWorld Triathlon Championships Madiera
24 Jun 19052002Matt SpillmanGBRMG (35-39)Olympic Distance Cancun
22 Jun 19052000Simon EdyeGBRMWorld DuathlonChampionships Calais
22 Jun 19052000Mick PowellGBRMWorld DuathlonChampionships Calais
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