Never Float Without a Float
Jason Pilbrow
October 3rd, 2021

Never Float Without a Float

— A Cautionary Tale

Jason Pilbrow | Cornwall
On the first weekend of October I travelled to the Cornish coast. The main purpose was to attend the wedding of my best friend, also a triathlete and fellow club member. As you would expect as well as wedding bells a bit of Strava tourism was firmly…
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Published on: 9 October 2021  |  no comments yet
Round Norfolk Relay 2021
Mark Philo
September 18th, 2021

Round Norfolk Relay 2021

— Round Norfolk Relay

Mark Philo | Norfolk
The Round Norfolk Relay is a 17-stage race around the perimeter of Norfolk.  This year with 53 teams, Tri-Anglia fielded a mixed team in the open class.  The backbone of the team was an intrepid crew of 3 who saw the first runner off from Kings…
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Published on: 23 September 2021  |  5 comments
Frog Graham Round Report
Edward Cator
September 10th, 2020

Frog Graham Round Report

— Frog Graham Round

Edward Cator | Lake District, UK
The Frog Graham Round is a 42-mile run/swim event including approx. 3 miles of swimming across 4 different lakes: it basically involves running over some fells, swimming across a lake, then running over some more fells and repeating. The Round has…
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Published on: 15 September 2021  |  2 comments
Riding Down Dementia 1st November 2020
Tony Wenlock
November 1st, 2020

Riding Down Dementia 1st November 2020

— Cycling Down Dementia

Tony Wenlock | North Norfolk
What a peculiar set of feelings. The day before the ride I laid out and checked my kit to make sure everything was there, the bike carrier went on the back of the car, all the kit went into the boot,  my watch and phone were fully charged and my…
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Published on: 5 November 2020  |  no comments yet
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