Code of Conduct

Tri-Anglia is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. The Club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the Club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the Club with the Club Chairman or the Club Welfare Officer.

As a member or parent of a junior member of Tri-Anglia you are expected to abide by the
following code of conduct:

  • All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, coaches and officials regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion
  • All members must play within the rules and respect officials and their decisions
  • All members are asked to consider their social media interaction to ensure it is respectful of others
  • Members should keep to agreed timings for club-organised training sessions and must follow the instructions of the session coach at all times
  • Members must wear suitable kit for all club-organised training sessions. For all cycling activities cycle helmets must meet the BS EN 1078 Standard.
  • To participate in sessions members must bring along their membership card to ensure payments are made and emergency contact details are present
  • Members are not allowed to smoke on training premises
  • Members are not allowed to consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs of any kind on training premises
  • Parents of juniors are required to ensure session and race rules are followed and that they are respectful to coaches, officials, juniors and other parents
  • Members to abide by other club policies for example
    • Safeguarding and Protecting Children
    • Equality & Diversity Policy,
    • British Triathlon’s Anti-Doping Policy

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