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2024 Membership – Now Open


Our Membership Secretary will be away from Friday 12th July until Tuesday 30th July and no membership cards will be issued during this time.

If you join the club during this period  you will be able to book and attend Training Sessions however you must keep this Email safe so that it can be shown to Coaches and Swim Managers as proof of membership. Please also have some form of identity e.g. driving licence, work ID card etc

We offer the following Tri- Anglia membership categories which will be active from the day of signing up. 2024/25 Memberships will be available from 1st October 2023.

  • Adult Membership at £30
    • Applies to applicants aged 25 and over at date of sign-up. Expires 31st January 2025.
  • Young Membership – £15
    • Over 18 and under 25 years of age at date of sign-up. Expires 31st January 2025.
  • Junior Membership – Free
    • Over 8 and under 18 years of age at date of sign-up. Expires 31st January 2025.
  • England Athletics Affiliation 2023 – 2024 at £17 (2023-24)
    • IMPORTANT England Athletics Affiliation is not mandatory, you do not have to be a EA Affiliated to be a member of Tri-Anglia but you must be a member of Tri-Anglia if you want to affiliate with EA with Tri-Anglia as your first claim club, See Below for mor info.
    • 2023 – 2024 Affiliations will expire on 31st March 2024.
  • England Athletics Affiliation 2024 -2025 at £19
    • Pre-pay your 2024 – 2025 affiliation fees now.
    • 2024 -2025 affiliations will run from 1st April 2024 and expire on 31st March 2025.

1. Your Membership Card

When you join the club you will be issued with a Membership card that contains vital information that identifies you, provides emergency contact details and, a barcode with your Club ID number that will be used when you attend any training sessions.

Your card is your passport to training and must be presented at any sessions you attend.

NOTE: While we try to prepare membership cards and post them out as quickly as possible, there can be a delay in managing this. Card print-runs are done in batches and our membership secretary is a volunteer like all officers of the club and is occasionally away and unable to print cards.

2. How To Join

Complete the application and Membership payment

  • Existing club members can login to the website and then renew membership by clicking hereNew applicants should go to the full signup form.
  • Make sure you complete all the  required answers (indicated by an asterisk) and any optional that you think will apply. Note: if you have a Parkrun number this can be used as your Club Barcode ID.
  • Make sure all your answers are correct and double check your Date-of-Birth ( particularly the year) and your Emergency Contact details.
  • You must Upload a head and shoulders  photo of yourself.
  • When you click NEXT you’ll be asked to set up a one-off Direct Debit through GoCardless to pay the fees.
  • Your Membership Card will arrive within a few days

Now set up Direct Debit to pay for Training sessions

Once you have completed the membership application you need to set up a second Direct Debit through the Tri-Anglia website to pay for any sessions you attend (this is a separate GoCardless channel from the membership payment account). The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Login to your Member Account using your User Name and Password
  • Click on the Session Payments button in the top row of buttons and the GoCardless info box will appear.
  • The GoCardless info box will tell you if you an active DD to Training session payments. If not, then press the GREEN button and follow the instructions to set one up.  Once set up any unpaid sessions will be queued up and the GoCardless info panel will show your DD is active by turning RED

NOTE: Once you have set up the Session Payments DD you’ll be able to book onto training sessions – but remember – you cannot attend until you have received your Membership Card. Our Membership Secretary works hard to process and send out cards as soon as possible but please wait a few days to allow the card to arrive.

Volunteering & Marshaling

At Tri-Anglia volunteering is an important part of our culture, we need your help to  develop, prepare  and deliver all our training and race events so that they are successful, fun and above all safe. You could be part of the set-up team, a race official or a course marshal. It isn’t mandatory but it is nothing less than essential.

When you sign up or renew your membership you’ll be given a list of Marshaling options where you can choose a race that you are willing to support. So,

  • Select one event from the 1st Choice list,
  • Just in case your plans change, select a second option so that you have some flexibility.

Your 1st Choice event will be shown on your Membership Card.

3. Triathlon England Membership

Tri-Anglia is affiliated with Triathlon England, the regional branch of British Triathlon Federation (BTF) . Personal membership of Triathlon England is in fact membership of BTF, it is not included in the Tri-Anglia membership and and has to be taken out individually. Benefits and prices of BTF memberships vary depending on what suits your needs but the most popular package is called Core which comes with insurance, annual Race Day Licence and reduced BTF membership price because you are a member of Tri-Anglia.

Click here for more details about Tri-Anglia and BTF Membership Benefits.  or …..

Click here to go to TE (BTF) Membership signup.

4. England Athletics Affiliation (First Claim Only)

Tri-Anglia is affiliated to England Athletics, the regional branch of British Athletics (formerly UK Athletics).

As a member of  Tri-Anglia EA Affiliation is not mandatory, but if you want to affiliate through Tri-Anglia then you must be a member of Tri-Anglia.

Runners can belong to more than one running club  but can only have one 1st Claim club through which they must pay their annual Affiliation fees. Tri-Anglia members with a particular interest in running benefit by gaining access to reduced  entries fees at EA races as well as EA specific supplier offers and insurance when training or taking part in races. So, if you are a regular runner then affiliating through Tri-Anglia  can also save  you the cost of membership at another running club.

If you decide to affiliate we will register your details with EA after which you will receive an email giving you your personal Unique Runner Number that you quote when entering races in  order to obtain discounts. You will also have access to your own EA account in the EA Member Portal where you can manage your personal details, see and take advantage of supplier offers and set up transfers between clubs if you want to change your 1st claim to  or from Tri-Anglia. If you do choose to move and have already paid your affiliation fee  you do not have pay again but EA will raise a charge for administering the transfer.

EA Affiliations run from 1st April through to 31st March the following year. This overlaps the Tri-Anglia membership year by a couple of months but we encourage members to pre-pay EA affiliations with their Tri-Anglia membership fees to ensure you start the new year ready to go.  NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NEVER AFFILIATED WITH BRITISH ATHLETICS BEFORE THEN IT IS POSSIBLE TO AFFILATE BETWEEN JANUARY AND MARCH OF THE CURRENT YEAR AND YOUR  AFFILIATION WILL THEN CONTINUE THROUGH TO MARCH 31ST THE FOLLOWING YEAR.


Please email membership@tri-anglia.co.uk

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