IM Peurto Princesa
Shaun Copland

IM Puerto Princesa

Event : IM Puerto Princesa

So I completed my 3rd IM in the Philippines on Sunday 12th November. I did IM Puerto Princesa.

The temp was 32°C no shade, 87% humidity.

The swim went ok for me and was calm for a change..

I did 44min fit 1.9km.

Then on to the bike.. I’ve not done much bike training lately after travelling some places here.. The 90km bike course was constantly up/down, so I was really happy to do 2hr 54.

Then the run..

I was just hoping my tight calf would stay loose and let me run, turned out this wasn’t an issue at all, because at 1.5km after a great start to the run, both my quads cramped from lack of cycling.. so I had no choice but to walk/run and ice them at every aid station just to get through in 2hr31.. so not the time I was aiming for at all, but knew it was always a risk on the run with injury anyway.

Overall time was 6hr 19min, given the conditions and circumstances, not a bad time to finish with.

Next up is a 24km run in Cebu, Philippines in January

Published on 22nd November 2023

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