Tri-Anglia 2022 Christmas “Do”
Mark Philo
November 8th, 2022

Tri-Anglia 2022 Christmas “Do”

by Mark Philo

We’ve missed out on a Christmas party for several years (not even blaming the pandemic), so we are putting on on this year to see what you look like scrubbed up a bit and enjoy and event were you don’t get wet or have to change your footwear (with any luck).

So we have secured the “Top of the City” venue at Carrow Road for a dinner/disco with 3 course dinner and drink on arrival.

You sign up via the training pages here and select as adult member guest or youths. You’ll then be billed as if for a training session.

Cost is £50 per adult which for a 3 course, drink and disco and venue hire is very good.

We hope to see you there and promise to keep Philo and Dixon off the microphone.

If veering away from traditional (1st) menu please let Mark Philo know for catering.

Traditional Menu

Traditional Menu with Vegetarian Option

Gluten Free Menu

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