SLT Arena Games Team Championship Rotterdam – Team Tri-Anglia
Paul Saunders
March 18th, 2021

SLT Arena Games Team Championship Rotterdam – Team Tri-Anglia

by Paul Saunders

Further to the SLT Arena Games championship London, in which our men’s team romped home as winners and our ladies came a very credible 7th, we have again entered a men’s and ladies team for the upcoming SLT Arena Games Team Championship Rotterdam, taking place between Monday 22nd March to Friday 9 April 2021.

Registration is open now – see attached.

The club are trying to encourage as many participants as possible, of any and all abilities, especially those who are new to the world of virtual or online racing.

Please see attached our handy guide which should assist in getting yourself set up and entered into the races.

We look forward to seeing you on the start line.

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  • Paul Saunders
    Paul Saunders — March 25, 2021 10:16 am

    RACE 1 UPDATE Race 1 of the SLT Arena Games Team Championships Powered by Zwift is history. And what a race it was! Congratulations to everyone taking part. Individual results as well as the club leader boards are now live on the SLT website. Individual results race 1 – Monday 22ns March 2021: https://superleaguetriathlon.com/event/rotterdam21/#ccresults In the top ten we had Oli Milk in 4th place (the top SIX were within 1 second of each other)!!! and Jonny Adams in 9th in the men’s cycle race 1 race. We also had Della Brown 6th and Sarah Jay 9th in the Ladies run. Club leaderboards after race 1 https://superleaguetriathlon.com/event/rotterdam21/#leaderboards We are sitting pretty in 3rd out of 36 clubs with 44 points. The German outfit POWER&PACE - POWERED BY TRI-MAG.DE have stormed the 1st race with a total of 92 points, but with 3 top ten finishers their strength is in numbers with 69 scoring points (to compare we had 4 top ten finishers and 25 scoring points. EDOSPORTS (Netherlands) are in 2nd with 47 points, so they are very much on our radar to be reeled in with tomorrow's races at 18:30 (cycle for the ladies and run for the chaps). If you have not already, please do sign up and join in the fun (see above for instructions). After race 1 our points are as follows: 3rd TRI-ANGLIA TRIATHLON CLUB 44 1 Oliver Milk M 9 2 Della Brown F 7 3 Jonathan Adams M 4 4 Sarah Jay F 3 5 Darren Woodward M 1 6 Glenn Masterson M 1 7 Duncan Samwell M 1 8 Phil Hurr M 1 9 Pete Dean M 1 10 Karl Chapman M 1 11 Grayhame Fish M 1 12 Jason Pilbrow M 1 13 Roly Cook M 1 14 James Coleman M 1 15 Mark Shearing M 1 16 Adrian Jay M 1 17 Gordon Chapman M 1 18 Dan Claflin M 1 19 Mark Dixon M 1 20 Craig Davies M 1 21 Paul Saunders M 1 22 Bryn Williams M 1 23 Mark Clues M 1 24 Richard Beastall M 1 25 Rob Lines M 1 (Not showing – Kevin Burgess ? 1)

  • Paul Saunders
    Paul Saunders — April 1, 2021 12:53 pm

    We have reached the half way mark of the SLT Arena Games Team Championships Powered by Zwift and the leaderboards start to take shape. We saw short and sharp racing on 29 March 2021. The results as well as the most up to date team leaderboards are now live on the SLT website. https://superleaguetriathlon.com/event/rotterdam21/ We are well cemented in 3rd place with 106 points (2nd Edosports 143 pts - 4th Aurora Triathlon Team 39 pts). The following team members have scored points: 1 Oliver Milk M 24 2 Jonathan Adams M 7 3 Della Brown F 7 4 Rebecca Schofield F 7 5 Louise Marsden F 5 6 James Coleman M 3 7 Paul Saunders M 3 8 Gordon Chapman M 3 9 Adrian Jay M 3 10 Dan Claflin M 2 11 Phil Hurr M 2 12 Roly Cook M 2 13 Grayhame Fish M 2 14 Sarah Jay F 2 15 Craig Davies M 2 16 Mark Shearing M 2 17 Rob Lines M 2 18 Mark Clues M 2 19 Mark Dixon M 2 20 Kevin Burgess M 2 21 Darren Woodward M 2 22 Richard Beastall M 2 23 Duncan Samwell M 2 24 James Millson M 2 25 Glenn Masterson M 2 26 Jason Pilbrow M 2 27 Ali Masterson F 1 28 Karl Chapman M 1 29 Nicole Beck F 1 30 Mark Brown M 1 31 Bryn Williams M 1 32 Janice Coglinhibbert F 1 33 Lesa Easton F 1 34 Pete Dean M 1 35 Tracey Melville F 1 36 Iain Robertson M 1 Next race Friday 02 April 2020. Entries remain open on the SLT website until the very last round.

  • Paul Saunders
    Paul Saunders — April 21, 2021 11:28 am

    SLT Rotterdam – Apologies for not updating this last week (I was in Cyprus for work). The winning team was POWER & PACE - POWERED BY TRI-MAG.DE, who bossed the events by their sheer numbers, averaging over 3 times the entrants of any other team! Team Tri-Anglia came a very credible 3rd. Unfortunately the results are no longer posted on the SLT website, in fact, it is like it never happened! Well, thats the virtual world for you. In any case, well done to all who took part and congratulations on 3rd place!

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