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Tri-Anglia Sloughbottom Park Run Takeover

Event : Sloughbottom Park Run

We last did a takeover at Sloughbottom pre-Covid.  We were invited to repeat our hosting by the race director for that day, Sonia Walker who is also a Tri-Anglia member.  So we put the call out for marshals and if enough came forwards, we could do pacers as well.  In fact we had an excellent response so we had a good mix of new and established members of all ages with plenty enough for pacers.

As it was the Valentines edition, the club splashed out on some Love Heart sweets given to each of the finishers.  Our pacers encourages the 202 runners to achieved 43 PBs in the group which is an excellent ratio of achievements.

After the event, most of us headed over the Harry’s Soul Kitchen where we took over the extended heated gazebo section.


Run Director : Sonia Walker

Marshals : Mark Philo, Kitty Rosser, Chris Groves, Allison Ragosa, Paul Scibilia, Ali Masterson, Paula McGrath, Cedric Bonnier, Julia Raymond, Gordon Chapman, Jonny Littlewood, Phil Brockington,  Sarah Haigh, Mark Clues, Caroline Noller, James Noller, Joe Noller, Bernd Rechel, Ruth Lynds, Alice McDonald, Di Swanepoel, Liz Clues, Zoe Clues, Frank Ellis, Jennifer Bettinson, Clara Bettinson, Ona Bettinson, Fay Wheeler

PACERS :  Pieter MacKeith,  Darren Woodward,  Ian Haigh,  Stan Swanepoel,  Kevin Burgess,  Chris Noller,  Nicole Beck, Paul Fairchild, Janice Coglin-Hibbert


Published on 13th February 2023

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