l’Etape TA Tour de France – Virtual
Rob Lines

l’Etape TA Tour de France – Virtual

Event : L'Etape TA TdF

The pros, male and female, get a 6 stage virtual Tour de France.

We all get a 3 stage l'Etape du Tour across three weekends.

Have opted for 8am each of the three Saturday's as replacements for our Isol8 Saturday Meet-Ups.

You can ride them socially if you want. I will put the times into a table to craft us our own l'Etape TA Tour de France – Virtual.

If you can't make the 8am rides, don't worry, other start times do exist (and the ladies get twice as many start time options).

Details and links for the 8am starts are:


Stage 1


Stage 2

  • WORLD: France
  • ROUTE: Casse-Pattes
  • LAP DISTANCE: 22.9km (14.3 miles)
  • ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 155m (508 ft)
  • LAPS: 2
  • TOTAL DISTANCE: 45.8km (28.6 miles)
  • LINK: https://zwift.com/events/view/931448


Stage 3

  • WORLD: France
  • ROUTE: Ven-Top
  • LAP DISTANCE: 20.8km (12.9 miles)
  • ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 1539m (5049 feet)
  • LAPS: 1
  • TOTAL DISTANCE: 20.8km (12.9 miles)
  • LINK: https://zwift.com/events/view/931570


More details of the virtual Tour de France at https://zwift.com/uk/virtual-tour-de-france

TDF event listings on Zwift at https://zwift.com/events/series/virtual_letape_du_tour_de_france which includes route reccee rides as well as l'Etape du Tour Stages

For the best listing of Zwift events check out https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/

And for results, our Tri-Anglia Team list on Zwift Power will be our oracle https://zwiftpower.com/team.php?id=2262

Look to the TA Zwifters group for more banter and details of other TA Zwifting activity.

Not sure what Zwift is or how to get started with it, we have crafted a Zwift Primer.

Feel free to use our discord server during these rides (or other group activities) –  https://discord.gg/pevf9vc 


Results following Stage 3

Results taken from https://zwiftpower.com/league.php?id=433 23-7-2020

Published on 23rd July 2020

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