Lakesman Lockdown Half
Mark Dixon

Lakesman Lockdown Half

Event : Lakesman Lockdown Half

In the absence of 2020 race reports I thought I'd submit this one.  Not a real race but I'm a bit bored so thought I'd write it up!


It feels weird to write a race report for a virtual race where you are basically just doing a long solo session.  

It also feels strange to have your main training focal point a DIY “race”.  

After 18 months of back pain, being told I'd probably be best to give up running and biking, thousands spent on physio/osteopaths/private healthcare/scans and more gizmos than you can shake a stick at, I'm starting to feel like me again.  My health issue while still giving me grief is now manageable and with a lot of yoga and stretching I'm able to play again.  

So to give me something to train for I entered the Lakesman lockdown virtual event to be completed solo on the date of my supposed comeback race which was cancelled due to Covid.

I took it fairly easy on the bike for the first thirty miles.  Riding my TT bike for more than 90mins for the first time since IM Hamburg 2018, I headed past Bungay, down to Woodton, across to Hempnall and down to Halesworth via Harleston.  I then pushed a bit all the way back home to Beccles via Bungay.  

56miles in 3:01

Obviously not the fastest ride but for once I decided to be sensible, having not run off a long bike for almost two years!

The run was an out and back from Beccles out towards Carlton Colville along mainly back roads.  Again I was sensible and took it steady to begin with and picked up the pace for the last few miles. 

The negative split run gave me a 1:54 for 13.1miles.

All in all I'm happy with that.  12 months ago I was in constant pain.  Now I'm able to train and only feel discomfort after a couple of hours on the bike.  Not perfect but manageable.

So what next?  I know I said I was retired from ironman but 2021………..

Published on 23rd June 2020

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