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Event : Haute Route

Over the weekend of 3rd-5th April the first 3 day 3 stage event took place on Zwift.  The event was called the Haute Route Watopia 2020.

The event proved massively popular with thousands of Zwifters partaking in the five separate starts for stage 1 that 11 more starts were added for each of stages 2 and 3.

Stage 1 comprised 47.8km of riding with 879m of vertical gain on the Three Sisters Route.

Stage 2 took in Alpe du Zwift, the digitised version of Alpe d' Huez through the use of the Tour of Fire and Ice route with 1161m of vertical gain over 25km.

Stage 3 took us around The Pretzel route with another 1333m of climbing over 72.2km. 

In total 3,373m of climbing over 145km over 3 stages over 3 days.

Twenty six Tri-Anglian's untook the challenge with twenty completing all three stages, five completing two stages and one completing just one stage.

No photo description available.

As you can imagine – some of us might have got a bit competitive with the series in a well mannered way.  

How did we TA stack up against others?  The following table shows the range of times being achieved by the greater Zwift community over the 3 stages of the Haute Route.

No photo description available.

Full, verified results for those TA registered to ZwiftPower looks like: 

No photo description available.


Congratulations to our 20 Haute Route completers:

  • Oli Milk
  • Matt Ellis
  • Simon Brierley
  • John Jacobs
  • Duncan Samwell
  • Rob Lines
  • Ken Barcham-Bool
  • Nathan Risbey
  • Tim Topper
  • Duncan Cardwell
  • Thomas Levy
  • Al Clips
  • Richard Beastall
  • Richard Collyer
  • Chris Hamlin
  • Paul Chilly
  • Matt Dawson
  • Iain Dawson
  • Nicole Beck
  • Craig Alexander


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Published on 6th April 2020

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