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Dipolog Triathlon Race Report from Shaun Copland

Event : Dipolog Triathlon

I completed my Dipolog triathlon on Sunday.

The swim was choppy and tough with the tidal current, also all the swims here are non-wetsuit, due to the high water temps, I’d never swam without a wetsuit before racing here in the Philippines, so that’s my 3rd triathlon with no wetsuit. Getting more confident now, just not quicker haha. I am still waiting for the flat conditions.

The bike was good again and improved my average speed for the third triathlon in a row, so improving. The run was once again hard as it was 87% humidity and 32°C in the sun. Also I was convinced it was a 3 lap course, so at the end of the 3rd lap next to the finish, I was gutted to learn it was 4 laps… haha, I got it done, but it was a much slower lap as part of my mind had given up.

I recorded 1.61km swim, 60.8km bike and 15.6km run, my finish time was 4:14:06 so not too bad in these conditions and constantly improving, after my early injury.

Next race is BXU Man Triathlon in Butuan, on Saturday.






Published on 11th May 2023

One comment on “Dipolog Triathlon Race Report from Shaun Copland

  • Grayhame Fish
    Grayhame Fish — June 30, 2023 10:03 pm

    Tough race in those conditions, well done. Shaun

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