Club Handicaps

What are the club handicaps?

They are our regular winter get together down at our spiritual home of Whitlingham Country Park.  As its too cold to swim, we have a bit of a run and a bit of a bit of social.  

Like a parkrun?  Well, you’re running in a park and can do 5k, so sort of, though not entirely like a parkrun as you could do 10k, or a 3.5k lap of the lake or some other distance. Preference is for 10k, 5k or 3.5k.

How does it work then?

With a normal race you have a mass start and a staggered finish with the first finisher not waiting for the last.  We reverse that with a staggered start so that we can have a mass finish so that everyone is together for coffee, tea and biscuits.  Also, people are a bit more social afterwards an event than before once pre-event nerves have gone and the endorpheans are still high. 

We start people on the minute closest to their expected run time.  That could be in small groups or on their own depending on who else is about and what they expect to run.  Our standard distances are 5k and 10k based upon the Norwich Tri 5k run course, which is a single lap for 5k, two laps for 10k.  It is possible to run a lap of the lake for 3.5k or another distance. We’d rather people were cautious on their predictions so finished slightly ahead of time, rather than finished way behind their time causing the volunteer timekeepers to have to wait and miss out on the coffee etc with clubmates.

To accommodate those with Sunday morning commitments (races, church, kids etc) and those with parkrun addictions we have half of our handicaps over the winter on a Saturday and half on a Sunday, alternating by month.

We start stop watch at 9am (though could start earlier at special request) and aim for everyone to finish at 10:20am. 

Course and details?

We use the two lap Norwich Triathlon 10k course for the 10k and just one lap for those running 5k.  Should anyone wish to run a 3.5k lap of the lake they can do that.

Stop watches will be started at 9am, participants then start on the minute closes to their expected time so that they finish at 10:20 where we will have tea, coffee and biscuits available.  i.e if you thinkg it will take you 52 minutes you will start 52 minutes ahead of 10:20, which is 9:28am.

Assistance is needed with timekeeping, starting runners, preparing flasks, capturing names at the finish, opening and closing the gate into the picnic meadow. To help out please contact Cedric or Rob through training@tri-anglia.co.uk, or through facebook either by direct message through our facebook group.

Cost: FREE and tea, coffee and biscuits are available.  Please park in the Country Park’s car parks, the revenue from the car parks pays for the up keep of the park that we use.  As Tri-Anglia members we get a significant discount on annual parking permits. Application for parking permits.

The course is well known (hopefully).  If you are new to the course or unsure of it, do find a fellow club mate to run with.

Strava Segment for Norwich 10k course = http://app.strava.com/segments/5993141?filter=overall

Strava Segment for the Norwich 5k course = https://www.strava.com/segments/12585609?filter=overall

Club Standards

We have adopted the running standards for 10k and 5k for our handicaps.  Thank you to Bungay Black Dog Running Club for pointing us in the direction of these.  The standards can be found (along with previous results in the menu to the top right of this page but also in these links; Female 5kFemale 10kMale 5k and Male 10k.

Previous series Successes

YearLadies 10k SeriesMen 10k SeriesLadies 5k SeriesMen 5k SeriesMost Improved
2018-19Louise MarsdenMark CluesAli MastersonDominic Clues 
2017-18Becky SchofieldOli MilkAgata MilkLuke LyndsRuth Lynds, Alan Dawson, Hannah Rees
2016-17Becky SchofieldPieter MacKeithSuzanne HillLuke LyndsStephen Long
2015-16Becky SchofieldJoe HawesBillie Butler Vince Butler
2014-15Hayley BartrumIain Robertson  Deb Carter
2013-14Becky SchofieldSimon Brierley   
2012-13Becky SchofieldMark Clues   
2011-12Becky SchofieldLee Calderon   
2010-11Becky SchofieldLee Calderon   
2009-10 Lee Calderon   
2008-09 Pete Newton   
2007-08 Nigel Hodge   

The series results are the combination of your best three times of the current series.

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