2023 East Region Adult Race Series
Mark Philo
November 8th, 2022

2023 East Region Adult Race Series

by Mark Philo

Triathlon England East run a regional Adult Race Series. This is open to all East Region Triathlon England members and East Region affiliated Triathlon England Clubs.

All athletes intending to compete in the 2023 Adult Race Series are required to register for the league. Registration is a simple electronic form, will take less than 2 minutes and is FREE.

2023 Adult Race Series Registration from: https://forms.gle/s8fzSpAVtn7hmVpj6

The Adult Race Series comprises the 2023 fixtures listed below.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email for your records.

If your intention is to take part in the 2023 league then please register before the first race of the season (7th May 2023) even if you are not intending to compete until later in the season.

By exception, late registrations may be accepted (please fill out registration form and inform psmiles.teer@outlook.com) on the basis that no retrospective scoring will be done (eg: if you took part in an event but did not register for the league until after the event, it will not count towards your overall individual/club league score).

For any athletes that change club mid-season, your overall score can only count towards one club (the club membership covering the majority of your 2023 league races).

Any specific questions or club change requests can be sent to psmiles.teer@outlook.com


2023 Club League

At each of the league events the best scoring three male TE East members and best two female scoring TE East members count towards the Clubs points for that race.

For the league races that is a score out of 50,000. For the three Triathlon Championship races within the league, which carry a 10% points bonus, that makes for a score out of 55,000.

From across the season it will be the clubs five best race scores which will determine their position in the 2023 East Region Club League.

All Club League trophies to be presented at the 2023 Triathlon England East AGM + Awards (Date TBC).

2023 Individual League

  • Members must register using the online registration form found https://forms.gle/s8fzSpAVtn7hmVpj6
  • Will include 3 championship events (Sprint, Standard, Middle); these will count in the league with a maximum of 11,000 points (other events are 10,000 points)
  • Prizes will be awarded at the AGM + Awards evening to the first three males and females in each of the categories of Seniors (D,E,F&G [20-39]), Veterans (H,I&J [40-54]) and Super Veterans (K+ [55+]).
  • Points at the races will be based upon the East Region TE members time in comparison to the winner of their genders time. i.e. winning male and winning female each get 10,000 and all others are in relation to that.
  • For all age categories, at least one race must be Sprint and at least one race longer than Sprint.
  • An individual must complete a minimum of 3 league races but can take part in as many events as they wish. An individual’s best three results count towards their 2023 League position.
  • All Individual League trophies/medals to be presented at the Triathlon England East AGM + Awards (Date TBC).

Sign up for the 2023 Adult Race Series using the online registration form https://forms.gle/s8fzSpAVtn7hmVpj6


7th May 2023. St Neots. Sprint / Standard.

14th May 2023. Walden Tri Club. Sprint (pool).

4th June 2023. Ipswich Triathlon Club. (ITC Culford Triathlon). Sprint (Pool).

4th June 2023. Grafman. Middle.

11th June 2023. TRISudbury. Sprint (pool).

11th June 2023. Beccles Triathlon. Sprint (pool).

25th June 2023. Tri-Anglia. (Norwich). Sprint / Standard.

2nd July 2023. Gosfield. Sprint / Standard. (*Standard Championship).

16th July 2023. St Neots. Sprint / Standard.

30th July 2023. Herts Tri. (Merchant Taylors Lake). Sprint / Standard.

13th August 2023. Bedford. Standard.

3rd September 2023. Freedom Tri. (Letchworth). Sprint Aquathlon.

17th September. Grafham. Sprint / Standard. (*Sprint Championship).

17th September. Great Yarmouth. Sprint / Standard / Middle. (*Middle Championship).

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